Work in Progress

Recently, the Voters’ Assembly of our congregation approved Phase 1 of a Master Plan to improve the physical property of the church.  The goal of Phase 1 is to improve accessibility throughout the church.  Over the next several weeks, construction and renovation will take place to do just that.  When the project is complete, the church will have a brand-new ADA compliant handicap lift (complete with all interior entrances), a new south stairwell from the current Jones street entrance to the basement, a newly configured women’s restroom, and a brand-new motorized stairlift on the north stairwell, which leads to the basement. All of this follows a redesign of the parking lot, which has made for more organized parking, along with a clear flow of traffic,and the opportunity for a drop off location. There will be a mess for a bit, and we’ll need to be patient for a few weeks, but the end result is going to be wonderful!

We praise God for the improvements which God has made possible, which will enable all people, even those with physical difficulties, to access every area of the church for generations to come.
Feel free to browse through the diagrams below to get visual idea of what will be happening at the church over the next  several weeks. 
Lift & Stair Proposal Slides for Pastor.001
Lift & Stair Proposal Slides for Pastor.002
Lift & Stair Proposal Slides for Pastor.004
Lift & Stair Proposal Slides for Pastor.005
Lift & Stair Proposal Slides for Pastor.003