Pastor’s Page

On this page, our Pastor will post various resources to help members and visitors better understand what we believe, teach and confess as well as why we do what we do in the worship service.
You can find many of these things, as well as Pastor Doug’s own studies of the Scriptures and Confessions on his Wrestling with Theology podcast.


A Look at the Liturgy

Brief overviews of different aspects of Lutheran worship.


Christ in the Old Testament Sacrifices

Pastor’s Podcast List

What does Pastor listen to? Where does Pastor receive spiritual development and understanding?
Most of it is from personal study of God’s Word and the Lutheran Confessions. The rest comes from podcasts that range from LCMS to Eastern Orthodox. The podcasts are in no particular order, but they are grouped by publisher. One of the great resources I have found for spiritual insight, and many times a thought-provoking differing perspective, is Ancient Faith Radio.
Currently Running Podcasts
Discontinued Podcasts (but still available)